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See your full Cancer horoscope for April This also goes with exercise! This is also a time when existing health issues can be dealt with by finding the right care and treatment. See your full Leo horoscope for April With younger children, Pluto brings help with the power struggle of bedtimes and eating veggies. Same can be said with pets who take over the house and your schedule. See your full horoscope for April Pluto is transforming your home, Libra.

Pluto will help you close that gap. Now is a great time for extreme decluttering. If you want to build a house for yourself, go for it. If you want to start in a new place say, a different country , go for it.

This is about starting fresh. That self-doubt mantra that seems to follow you around? Pluto can help you banish these negative thoughts.

Pluto’s Going Retrograde—Here’s How to Make It Worthwhile

Maybe meditation is the play? If not, hypnosis and biofeedback might also be effective for you, Scorpio. During this transit, you can eliminate blocks to your goals and release yourself from the pain of the past. See your full Scorpio horoscope for April Income and money is the game here until , Sagittarius.

Now is a great chance to increase your income by switching jobs, starting a business, or partnering with someone you trust. Put together the deal and call the important decision-makers so you can pitch them your ideas. Use this time also to learn how to budget and economize. See your full Sagittarius horoscope for April During this time, Pluto will strip away any false crutches you were leaning on in order to push you toward your strongest self.

Sex is meant to be fun for Eros in Sagittarius, and some roughhousing and plenty of hearty laughs are turn-ons. Sexuality is sometimes viewed as if it were a sport by these people. They may surprise you with a very open and almost innocent attitude toward sex and intimacy. Sex is a bit of a game, and how this attitude is received will depend a lot on the audience! There can be a bit of an addiction to the chase, and avoidance of intimacy when it feels restricting in any way.

Tenderness and romance are not the kinds of expressions that come as easily to these lovers.

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Laughter and fun are aphrodisiacs for this position of Eros. Eros in Sagittarius can show up as passion for knowledge, hunger for new experiences, and a love of travel and exploring new lands and cultures. Eros in Capricorn. The libido is strong, but controlled. Many Eros in Capricorn people channel much of their desire nature into accomplishing something significant.

Eros in Aquarius. The detachment of Aquarius can mean finding sensuality in non-contact scenarios in addition to contact ones. Sexual creativity is one of the strengths of this position. Their open minds with regards to sex can stimulate creativity in their partner. Eros in Pisces. They tend to be most comfortable and at ease when their partner is expressing him or herself confidently. This position also suggests a passion for Pisces-ruled subjects. Often, the individual oozes sexuality in some way. The mind is often focused on sex and infatuation. Famous people examples: Justin Timberlake has Venus conjunct Eros within a 2 degree orb in Capricorn and square to Pluto.

Simpson has Eros in Sagittarius opposite Mars. Marilyn Monroe had Eros in Capricorn square Venus. Prince has Eros in Pisces square Sun and Saturn. Eros represents our awareness of our mortality. Because we know we are going to die, we continually recreate feelings confirmation, if you will of our own vitality. Eros love is very self-centered. The books referenced below contain ephemerides for Eros. You can also find the placement of Eros in a chart online:. The position of Eros can also be approximated by using the ephemeris tables on our site this is best for those who are familiar with using ephemerides.

See the monthly positions of Eros, Psyche, and Sappho by sign. An ephemeris for Eros Asteroid is available through Astrodienst here. This ephemeris shows the position of Eros every 5 days, which is generally sufficient for finding the sign of your Eros. Eros is Asteroid The Ultimate Asteroid Book by J. Lee Lehman, Ph. This is a well-written book with a wealth of information on the major asteroids. It includes handy ephemerides for all 4 major asteroids as well as many minor asteroids. Cafe Astrology is brimming with free articles, features, interpretations, and tools that will appeal to people with a casual interest in learning Astrology, as well as beginning through advanced students of Astrology.

The site is run by astrologer Annie Heese. A book like Games People Play could be a bestseller. Moreover, we had not reached the s with its neo-puritanism taking hold and convincing many people that consciously experimenting with sex was automatically something impure and suspect.

We no longer live in that world. We lack those outlets for self-questing, and the terms — literally, the words and phrases to have the conversation — are all but forgotten. Part of the chaos of Eris is that of the digital age. Now, Eris in Aries long predates the digital age, but I have reason to believe there is an association between the two, since digital is the extension of all electronic technology, which becomes popularized with radio.

Commercial radio broadcasting begins in the s, just when Eris enters Aries. Uranus is also in Aries. As that develops, it leads to another major aspect — Uranus conjunct Eris in Aries. By major aspect I mean another era-defining event. There was a Uranus-Eris conjunction when Eris was still in the first degree of Aries, back in and That aspect will be exact about a year from now, in June , through March This aspect has never been tracked historically that I am aware of.

Here is the digital piece of the equation, and where it meets the psychic chaos factor of Eris in Aries. One thing the digital revolution has done is basically explode the idea of self-concept. We are now fragmented in various devices, identities, handles, email addresses, social media identities and various PR presentations on LinkedIn and all its cousins. The digital age has arrived with a great wave of impatience. The same attitude that thinks there can be understanding of something in the time it takes to tap an icon is also associated with a new concept that self-understanding is just as easy to attain.

We also have the theme of people becoming either automatons or extreme followers under digital conditions. In other words, we relate to ourselves and one another through the robot known as the Internet. This process, which looks and feels a lot like Uranus in Aries, is about to engage with a much older process of self-chaos — Eris in Aries.

When a conjunction this powerful is a year away, we are well into its effects and influences. This weekend as the Sun aligns with Eris, we are going to get a window into the Eris piece of the process. The Sun was conjunct Uranus this past Monday, so we got a taste of that a few days ago. Eris has the property of radical intervention. But what might intervene as the Uranus-Eris conjunction takes hold remains a mystery, with many possibilities that I think we have to consider carefully.

Eris, Uranus and Aries are a combination of hot energies that are not necessarily cooperative, they could be destructive, and they will need some careful thought and grounding to be used well. However, we may just get a hint over the next few days as the Sun shines its full light on Eris and transmits it to Earth.

Keep your ears on and your eyes up. Lovingly, PS, here is my monograph a very short book on Eris, called Facets and Fragments of Self , published in early , just after Eris was named. Editor and Publisher: Eric Francis Coppolino. Business Manager: Chelsea Bottinelli. Web Developer: Anatoly Ryzhenko. Astrology Editor: Amanda Painter. Copy Editor: Jessica Keet.

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The most basic elements of any chart are the Sun, the Moon and the Rising signs. Yet you might think that good information on such elementary topics is only available to 33rd Degree Freemasons. I have the answer: a class focused on the most basic chart elements.

ERIS IN ASTROLOGY! The Original 10th Planet, Inconjuncts, and more! With Heather & Astrolada!

In this class, I will teach you the basics of how to identify and work with these three chart elements. You will learn how to spot the planets, houses and signs involved, and then how to consider, sleuth and work with these elements.

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Clue: it involves the fixed signs of the zodiac, and how they relate to the equinoxes and solstices. This service includes a copy of your natal chart, participation in the class, a recording of the class, and an email discussion list devoted to following up. There is no other class like this, on the Net or at an astrology conference. You will love it! You may register here. All-Access Pass Holders are eligible for a discounted rate — please write to me and we will send you that product code. It makes a great companion and includes supporting material for my upcoming class.

It would have allowed businesses to deny service to same-sex couples by claiming homosexuality is against their religion. Before the law lost its teeth, however, comedy website Funny or Die put together this pitch-perfect spoof of a fictional Indiana home shopping program whose hosts — played by James Van Der Beek and Anna Camp — try to slyly screen callers for their sexual orientation.

Pay particular attention to Van Der Beek; trust me. I then carry that discussion into the Millennial generation and what it faces in a world that has never been less predictable or stable. In this context I consider two historical charts — the unification of Germany and the start of the Iraq war. Included amidst this is a discussion of the charts of Iran and the nuclear deal that was reached last week. We published your extended monthly horoscopes for April on Thursday, March Your extended monthly horoscopes for March were published Thursday, Feb. Please note, we normally publish the extended monthly horoscope on the first Friday after the Sun has entered a new sign.

Aries March April 19 — Relationships are not everything and everything is a relationship. You have seen through something, perhaps a belief you held about the world, or an appearance that you were taking for ultimate reality. As a result of taking this on board, your own story is moving in some interesting directions. This will have a way of bringing you closer to yourself — and allowing you to be closer to others.

Speaking as someone with her Sun in Taurus, I know that sometimes we need a little more time to warm up to an idea before making a move. Taurus is one of the most physically oriented signs. Yet for the past few years, your inner life has been transforming dramatically. This journey has been at times incredibly rewarding — and sometimes maddening.

Pluto’s Going Retrograde—Here’s How to Make It Worthwhile |

Taking everything to a new level this year, your ruling planet, Venus, and its counterpart, Mars, dance their way into not one; not two; but three conjunctions thanks to a retrograde by Venus. Taurus April May 20 — You contain a person or personality who is not concerned with the normal rules of social conduct. This is the truly free aspect of who you are. The thing is, most of the rest of who you are is deeply concerned with social conduct and appearances, and this can set up a struggle.

It would help if you allowed the different facets of your inner existence to coexist. This would begin with acknowledging the many personalities you contain as you become aware of them. Self-respect means looking at yourself over and over, and raising the level of your inner conversation to something you can hear and share with others. Do tell. We will all find it interesting. Gemini May June 21 — Venus in your sign bestows a special kind of intelligence. Your sign is ruled by Mercury, and Venus and Mercury are neighbors, more similar than most astrologers recognize.

Mercury bestows a quick-witted kind of mental intelligence. Venus, which arrives in your sign on Saturday, describes what I will call an aesthetic intelligence. In Gemini, you might say this is about beautiful and elegant thinking. There is a new kind of information coming; it arrives with both a shift in your perception and your ability to simultaneously hold two points of view and have them not be in conflict with one another. And notice whether an idea is beautiful and how that affirms its relative truth. You seem to be going deeper than ever — and reaching higher than ever. But this rarely goes as expected or planned, so I suggest you work without either expectations or plans.